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As we know customers' feedbacks are very important for future buyers' reference, we have posted what buyers' comments and feedbacks about the items they have purchased. Feel free to email us just about anything to improve on our system & customers' service in order to serve you better. Thank you!

Love those dresses. The cutting is nice and the quality is superb. Most importantly, it fits me very well ! thanks ShopaholixBar !
Stef soh

Received the item. Satisfied with it :)

Hi, I''ve received the items..very nice & unique. If u do wholesale for unique clutch in the future, do let me know k. i'll visit ur site again soon. tq
Lovely Muffin

I have just received a parcel from you. Thanks u very much ya. I will be sure to order from you again. Thanks!

Received the package much faster than expected! Very efficient! Thanks! :)

Hi. Got the item. Thks. Its vry nice. Watch'g out 4more goodies on yr blogshop! :)
Martina Juan

- I got my stuff todaay! Omg really love all of them. Especially for the Cute Posh. Super nice on me .hehe! thanks yo!
- Hey there! Received my item and its awesome =) thx alot
Cynthia Lim

Received my item really fast!. Love the dress!
Rachel Leong

Hey dear, got the item..luv them a lots..thanks again =)
Elaine Tsang

Babe, got the stuff and awaits for new updates..

Hey dear! I have received the item.. thank you very much..!! item arrived just as pictured and transaction done swiftly as well =)

Hi dear, i received my booties ady~ Its lovely!Really love it~Fits me really well! Thanks a lot for a really fast and efficient service, esp d postage fee! XD~ Recommended seller! Smooth trading~Thnxs

Hello ! hey hun, thanks alot for the pretty skirt and dress. loving it! update me on more new restocks alright? thanks again. everything went well, very fast and efficient
Katrina Yeoh

Hey suat lay. The skirt is really pretty, fits me really well and made out of good quality as well! I like Thanks ya!
Isabelle Yeow

Love your glamorous celeb!

Hey, received the parcel today ! love it ! thank you !
Yan Yee

Hi, just received my parcel! Love the dress =D fits me perfectly. Everything went well. Efficient service. Will be back for more goodies! Thanks! =D

The dress fitted me well :) Im lovin it! Thanks babe.
Faz Liyani

Hey, clarrisa here, you are right, I have received the parcel already, like it though. thx.

- Hey. I've tried on the heels and it fits perfectly! hehe thank u so much! oh also for ur patience :D thanks ya!
Hey babe! Got the maxi already and loving it!!!!! hahaa the length is just nice for me ;D Thanks looaaaddsss ya babe!
Deborah Tee

Hey darl, receive the parcel yesterday =) thanks, love the polka dot shirt lots =D
Syarifah Aida

Hi babe,thanks for the clothes. received it yesterday. nice one!

I swear splurging here worth every penny (=

Hey, just wanna say thank u...gotten the stuff ages ago but streamyx was down in my area...so again, thx a lot... love the stuff...
Zhen Ru

Hi dearie, the top fits me perfectly. Many thanks, really like it :)
Hui Ling

Received the items! Love the clothes and the material is of good quality! *thumbs up! Great job, babe. Thanks again
Cheryl Tan

Hey candice! I have received it your parcel...thanks so much i like it so much ya !!

Dear! i got my parcel today! The items are gorgeous =) thank you for the efficient service and delivery! ;) xoxo
San Jean

Hey dear, I've received my parcel yesterday.
and i'm loving what i've got. Thanks!
Charis Tan

Hi there, got ur parcel oredi, thanks and i like it so much
Men Yee

Hey! I've received the parcel!=) Love the thread web!=D Thanks =)

Hey darl! Item received :) can fit to all of em, veyr happy XD but dorothy's a bit short for my liking but still can fit ^^ Thanks!

Hey candice, I got my shirt today already and it fits :)
It's been a pleasure doing business with you
Thank you very much!

Hi candice. I received the skirt yesterday morning, really like it :) very true to the pictures u posted on ur blog. Thanks!
Shen ni

Hi :) Received the parcel last week, together with the change. Thanks much!

Hey girl, love the white crumplelicious I received the other day. The service is great~ Thanks heaps!!! xoxo

Hey babe! I've received the clothes today and i love it so much! :) Thank you so much
Tiffany Chin

Hey babes! Received the top d, it's great! Love it! =D
Mei Phing

Hi there..i received the items in good condition~ thank Q~ :D

Have received the dress, love it, thanks!

Hi dear, I got your parcel. Thanks.
Ai Vee

Hey Candice, the item is in top condition =) I loved it! No regrets =) Thanks!
Li Anne

Dear Candice, I received the black dot t today. thanks a lot 4 ur cooperation.. btw,the item is in good condition n i like it lots.. love ya.hehee xoxo

Got the zebrababey dress!!Thanks babe! Looks really good... :) Worth the wait!

Really love the tote bag :) bring in more kay~ :love:

Hey..already get the zebra babey..wow..really nice & good material..TQ soo muchh will buy next stuff..hehehe

Helloo, already get it today..really 2 nice & the material is good too.... will buy the next stuff... hehhe... thank u so muuchhhh ok...

The colourful checkereds is so pretty!! Thanks alot! :D

Hey, I just received my parcel today. Thanks a lot!! It fits perfectly. Will be dropping by ur blogshop more often nw! Thanks again!

Hi there! Just got the top. Thanks a lot. Will be wearing it this weekend.:)
Shing Yee

Hello! =) I've just received the checkered BF tee. I really love it =) And thanks for the small thank you note.
Joyce Ting

got the flats!~thank u.love it

Hi there :) Got the heels already.... Nice...luv it.... Thanks ya....

Hello =) I just got the butterfly love top today.Love it! Luckily it was not too oversized on me. =P U provide really good service too. Keep up with the good work. Thank you! =)
Joyce Ting

Hi Candice! Good day! I jz got back into office today and your parcel is on my table. Oh gosh!! I luv it so much!! So comfy and the quality is very good. Thanks dear!!

Hyee, i've received the zebra dress. lovelyyyy!! thx yaa!!

Hi dear i got my skirt d. its nice! thanks! =)
Siew Wui

I received the jacket today. Thank you so much! :)
Have a nice week, dear!

Hey Babe :) I've received the stuff. Thks alot. Love it! :)
Sue Lyn

Hey! Received my parcel today. That fringe bag is super cute! I love it! thanks so much!

Hey gal, I have received the skirt and change today.. wow it's fast and the skirt looks lovely.. thanks alot.. =)

Hi,juz got the bag today.. its nice,i like it :)
thanks! Pls update me when u got new stocks:)
Sze Ming

Hi dear , this morning rec'd my parcel , i like it very much. = Thank you .

hey babe! I just received d skirt today n im loving it! :)
thnx a lot babe! Look forward in shopping again with u in future! :D Take care!
Sheryl Jeannette

My item have arrived. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE IT!. will shop from you again. see you soon...

Hey there. Ive received the platform shoes already. Im loving it. Thanks a bunch =)

I got the pants, I like them very much. thanks!
Sandra Yong

Hey received it edi! Its really nice. Hehehe. thx yea! :)
Su Ching

Hey babe, I've got the parcel ady! Love the blouse! Thks and its nice dealing with u..xoxo
Chloe Oh

Hey babe!!

I got my dress already!! I LOVE LOVE the dress so much =) it fits well and its perfect ^^ lovely lovely colour too!
Thank you so much sweets =D
San Jean

thanks darling, my parcel arrived this morning.
i love the dress ;)
Emily Ng

hi dear. my fren received wildflower in pink already and she says thanks! =)

Hey girl, I just received the skirt and i lurveeee it :D:D
Thanks alot!! :)

hey! :) i just received my parcel! i love it!!! :D and the material is really good too :) thanks!

Suat Lay!This is Samantha here.I've finally received the clothes today! I gotta say..they fit perfectly and they r both very pwetty!!!! Love it! I look forward to buying more from u babe! xoxo
Samantha Chan (from Melbourne)

Hey Candice! Its juyi, the one who bought butterfly love in black :) I realize I forgot to thank u for the lovely item! Only remember to do so cos i'm wearing it right now x) heh.Its super comfy and flattering, just like u said! :) Thanks!!

hey, just got the shorts. it fits good :) if only it were a bit shorter. hee. still like it. thanks.
May Sheng

hey hey, i've received my bad and skirt already. nice what. thanks ^^
Pei Chee

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